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Marysville Landscaping & Lawn Care by RL Services

Nothing improves the value and look of your home like landscaping done by a professional.  Home owners in Marysville, WA need only know one name:  RL Services.  When a home owner contacts RL Services for landscaping or lawn care, he or she gets the peace of mind that can only come with a professional job well done.  Not only will your property look better, but professional landscaping and lawn care can drastically increase the value of your home.

There are several reasons to hire a landscaping and lawn care professional such as RL Services for your home in Marysville.  A great reason to turn to a professional for this service is that you simply do not have enough free time.  You should be able to use your weekends to entertain family and friends in your incredibly landscaped yard.  You shouldn’t have to spend your weekend weeding and pruning and mowing, not to mention creating larger landscaping pieces such as gardens, patios and walkways, or a large yard centerpiece.


Marysville Landscaping & Lawn Care

When you’re thinking about hiring a professional landscaping and lawn care professional you should call RL Services. RL Services can serve your landscaping and lawn care needs.

Set your home off from the rest on the block. The professional, courteous staff at RL Services will not only listen to your dreams for your yard, but they will also fill those needs with professional landscaping and lawn care services that truly reflect who you are.  They will ensure that your front yard is a welcoming retreat from the chaos of the day, and that your back yard is a sanctuary where you can go to just relax, or to entertain family and friends.  Because every home owner and every family in Marysville, WA is different, every yard and landscape should be different.  RL Services will make sure that happens for you.

When you hire a professional landscaping and lawn care service, you will get an estimate before any work in started detailing the labor for the project as well as the cost of the materials.  You will also get assurance that the job will be done right, and in a timely manner.   RL Services will provide you with a comprehensive service agreement, too, for any ongoing lawn care that you may need.  When you are looking for a landscaping contractor who will listen to your dreams and help you achieve exactly what you have envisioned for your yard and property in Marysville, turn to RL Services to get the job done.

Whether you are a new homeowner, a long-time homeowner, or a business owner, the benefits of hiring a lawn care services are real and can be realized immediately. Do yourself a favor, and hire a Marysville  landscaping & lawn care professional like RL Services right away.

Call RL Services, LLC for a free estimate on a landscaping wall in Stanwood Washington today! 425-387-7725

When is the Right Time to Hire a Lawn Care Services?

You might be wondering if it is time to hire a lawn care service for your home in Stanwood Washington. Whether you are a brand new homeowner or run a commercial business in Stanwood, Washington, there comes a time when you have to decide whether to continue maintaining your landscaping yourself or hire a professional to do the job for you. When is the right time to hire a lawn care service?

The answer to that question is immediately, because the sooner you hire a lawn care service, the sooner you can start enjoying the many benefits. A number of factors can play into this, all providing great benefits to you, your family, or your business.

Easier to Maintain

For many people, keeping up with the yard maintenance is something that is seen as a chore to procrastinate on as long as possible. For others, a sheer lack of time can prevent them from maintaining their property as well as they would like. What happens when lawn care is put off, though, is that it becomes more difficult to get it back to looking nice again. Instead of letting your yard become overgrown, hire a lawn care service to take care of the work for you, so you never have to worry about it again.

Save Time

In Stanwood Washington the spring and summer months seem to go by so fast, and you might find yourself wishing you had more time to enjoy your outdoor pastimes instead of taking care of your lawn. It seems as if endless hours can be spent mowing the lawn, weed eating, mulching flowerbeds, and maintaining pesticide application to keep your grass free of the weeds and crabgrass. In the fall, you have leaves to contend with and snow during the winter. Cut out those hours of work, and let a landscaping professional free you up to enjoy your outdoor time instead of seeing it as a chore.

lawn maintenance services Stanwood WA

lawn care maintenance

Save Money

This might sound contradictory, since you would have to pay a lawn care service to do what you could do yourself. The truth, though, is that hiring a lawn care service can be more affordable than you realize. By hiring a lawn care service, you can avoid quite a few expenses related to lawn care. Some of these expenses include:

  • Purchasing lawn care equipment
  • Maintaining that equipment
  • Fuel and oil
  • Storage for the equipment during the off-season

If you’ve recently purchased a home and are looking at lawn care equipment, you’ve seen how expensive the equipment can be. As a new homeowner, you might have to make this investment immediately in order to keep your property in tip-top shape. Instead, hire a contractor to help you avoid being strapped financially by this additional expense.

Better Results

Let’s face it, when you want your car repaired or detailed, you take it to a Stanwood professional services. After all, they are the experts and can do a much better job than you can yourself like lawn aeration techniques. The same is true of landscape maintenance. We are experts in maintaining yards and gardens, and can pass that expertise on to you in the form of a yard you can be proud of without a lot of painstaking effort and trial-and-error on your part.

Whether you are a new homeowner, a long-time homeowner, or a business owner, the benefits of hiring a lawn care service are real and can be realized immediately. Do yourself a favor, and hire a Stanwood contractor to take care of your landscaping needs right away.

Call RL Services, LLC for a free estimate on a landscaping wall in Stanwood Washington today! 425-387-7725

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Softscaping and Hardscaping: the Two Components of Landscape Design

You might have heard the terms “softscaping” and “hardscaping,” since they are two of the most common terms used in landscaping lingo. However, do you know exactly what those two words mean? If you do not, landscaping for your yard might be harder than it should be. To make wise choices for your yard, you need to make sure you are well informed, and we are here to help with that. This is one of the most essential jobs landscape contractors in Marysville, Washington can hope to perform.


Softscaping refers to the natural parts of your yard. This includes the grass, trees, flowers, shrubs, and other plants in your yard. The purpose of softscaping is to give character to your landscaping, create an aura, ambience, and reflect your own personal sensibilities. These items are essential to your landscaping, because your landscaping will look barren and empty without sufficient plant life. We can provide great softscaping services through our connections with nurseries around the area. We will help you pick out the right grass, flowers, trees, and shrubs to make your yard a beautiful place to enjoy the outdoor life. No matter how you might want to design the plant life around your yard, we are sure to be able to help.


Hardscaping refers to the physical structure that makes up the backbone of your landscaping. Just as hardscaping wit

Landscaping contractors Marysville Washington

RL Services, LLC offers the finest in Northwest Hardscape designs. Call for a free estimate Today! 360-387-7725

hout plants looks barren, softscaping without structure can make your hard look chaotic or just disheveled. We can install all sorts of hardscaping for you, to transform your yard into exactly what you want it to be. On a small scale, hardscaping can include patios and sidewalks as well as retaining walls. Anything that is permanent or semi-permanent, like a paved area or something constructed from wood or stone, is considered hardscaping.

Whether you want a garden path, a beautiful water feature, or a retaining wall to help manage your hilly yard, we can handle the job. We will also help you figure out the best plants to combine with your hardscaping. We have the expertise and years of experience, as well as a team of dedicated landscape designers to create a beautiful vision for your yard.

Pairing Softscaping and Hardscaping

You might think you can just plant a bunch of vegetation, and then figure out the structure later on to mesh with what you’ve planted. Sure, you can do that, but it is not the best way to approach your landscaping design. The best approach is to plan out your structure first, and then get that installed. The hardscaping is generally more expensive and difficult to install, so it is easier to plan a well-landscaped yard once you know what the backbone will be. Once that is done, all you have to do is figure out what plants work best for you in your yard.

We have help for you in Marysville, Washington with your drab and boring yard can become a stunning landscape that you will be proud to invite friends and family over to see and enjoy. We can help you choose the perfect colors for your hardscaping, as well as the matching foliage and other plant life to go along with the structure we help you design for your yard. Put us to work for you, and let us design the perfect combination of hardscaping and softscaping for your budget and aesthetics.

Call RL Services, LLC for a free estimate on a landscaping wall today! 425-387-7725

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Landscaping Walls for Beauty and Function in Marysville WA

One of the most common jobs done by landscaping contractors in Marysville Washington is building a landscape wall. A stone landscape wall can add immense beauty and functionality to your lawn, and can serve a number of beautiful and functional purposes. A landscape wall holds back the earth from moving where you do not want it to, and can enhance the beauty of your lawn while also converting unusable space to outdoor rooms or garden areas.

A landscape wall is a gardener’s means to fight gravity. You can use a landscape wall to hold back a steep slope that would eventually fall down due to erosion and the forces of gravity, or even hold back a cliff section of your yard that might pose a danger to you, your children, or your pets. Landscape walls can also provide distinct outdoor areas at different elevations. This can mean the difference between a bland and boring lawn and a beautiful, stunning feat of landscaping.

A landscape wall can control downhill erosion, eliminating those mountains of soil building up around your property, clogging up important areas and impeding drainage. In addition, if there are fault lines in your area and you are downhill from them, a retaining wall might help control sliding, providing stability and giving you peace of mind. Sliding soil can threaten the foundation of your home, so whether the sliding soil is from erosion or fault lines, a retaining wall is a sound investment to protect your home as well as beautify your lawn

A landscape wall can also help you gain usable land. Steep slopes can often make parts of your yard unusable, which is why man has used terraces for thousands of years to grab up more usable land. A landscape wall can be used for the same sorts of purposes as the walls used by the ancient Peruvians or in the rice paddies of Southeast Asia, but on a smaller scale. These walls allow you to make use of the land uphill of those steep slopes, giving you more space to work with and an easier landscaping job in the end.

Landscaping wall contractors in marysville WA

RL Services, LLC specializes in landscaping walls and maintenance in Marysville, Arlington, Stanwood, Conway, Camano Island which are all in Washington State.

On the other hand, perhaps you want to use a landscape wall to divide off your garden area. This can help keep grass and other weeds from creeping into your garden, and provide you with a distinctive area for planting your flowers or fruits and vegetables. If you want to turn a hilly part of your yard into a garden, our terraced wall designs could be just right for converting a mostly unused portion of your yard into space for growing your own fruits and vegetables.

Finally, a landscape wall can serve another purpose: providing seating in your yard. Your wall will allow you to sit and enjoy your yard, an often unanticipated benefit of a retaining wall. Think about it: instead of lining benches around your yard, just sit on the wall. We can even design garden seating areas specifically for giving you additional places to entertain guests and your family. You, your family, and your friends can gather along the wall, enjoying nature and good conversation.

Before you assume this is something you can do yourself without the help of a landscaping contractor, though, you should know that landscape walls need to be carefully planned and constructed in order to work and to stay solid. These walls need to incorporate a solid base, enough tilt to keep back the earth from knocking the wall over, and drainage to keep water from just damming up behind the wall.  You have to lay a proper foundation for the wall, and have to plan precise layers of Geogrid / Geotec fabric carefully tying the wall into the soil to prevent the wall from collapsing. .

This is one reason the landscape contractor exists, because we have the expertise and the artistry to construct a beautiful landscape wall that will, with regular maintenance, last a lifetime and add beauty and safety to your landscaping. We have experience with many types of landscape and retaining walls, and can create a lovely wall that will enhance the natural beauty of your outdoor space.

Whether you want a dry-laid wall, a freestanding wall, or a short flagstone wall, we can put together a proposal and estimate that you will find reasonable and a final product that you will love. We can work with concrete, stacking, wood, brick, or loose masonry. We can also use interlocking wall pieces, which eliminate the need for mortar (which often wears away over the years.) Modular retaining walls are available in many different shapes, sizes, textures, and colors, so we can design a landscape wall that is uniquely designed for your home and your preferences.

Whatever the reason you want a landscaping wall in Marysville Washington, we can help. We have the know-how and the years of experience with all forms of landscaping, and we can help you plan and build a landscape wall that will improve the value of your home and provide you the peace of mind knowing that the forces of nature are held back from ruining your lawn or damaging your home’s foundation.

While it is possible to build a landscape wall yourself, consider all of the facts before you undertake such a project. You might think the expense of a landscaping contractor is beyond your means, but the potential costs of having to repair a poorly-designed or poorly-constructed wall can often end up being more expensive than having a professional do the job for you. Too, the worries of poorly engineered walls collapsing and causing personal injury to you or your loved ones should be taken into account.

Our professionals are here to take that worry away from you. For a price that is more reasonable than you might expect, we can provide you with a beautifully engineered and designed landscape wall that will be safe, beautiful, functional, and effective. Let our years of experience and expertise go to work for you, providing you with the best landscape wall available.

Call RL Services, LLC for a free estimate on a landscaping wall today! 425-387-7725

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RL SERVICES, LLC – Essentials of Lawn Maintenace

One of the most beautiful areas of any home is the lawn. It can drastically increase curb appeal, add tranquility and serenity to your surroundings, make your entire home feel larger and more open and give your family a place to spend time together comfortably. But getting your lawn to look the way you want it to is no easy task. Whether you’re looking to design and create the perfect setting for your home or just wish to maintain the lawn you currently have, RL Services LLC can help with your landscaping needs in the Camano, Island, Skagit and Snohomish Counties of Washington State.

If your existing lawn is already designed and planted the way you like, RL Services can help you to maintain it. Offering professional maintenance services of the highest quality, you can really trust RL Services with all of your mowing, trimming, irrigation, weeding and more. It’s a family-owned and operated business, and the folks there actually care about making sure you’re happy with your lawn care. They set up service contracts that tailor to your lawn’s exact needs, and they will exceed the expectations of the contract every time, even if you have very specific planting or treatment needs. They can even suggest maintenance services that you’ve never thought of that will help to beautify your existing lawn. And if flooding or storm damage should occur, these are the guys to help sort you out. They offer recovery services that can put your lawn back better than the way it was in no time.

RL Services also offers artistic design services that will help you to create the lawn you’ve always dreamed of. From tranquil gardens to cozy lush backdoor retreats, these guys can dream up an amazing oasis for you using the most modern plants, flagstones, accessories and designer details. This area of the country is rich with plant life and the diversity of lush, rich greenery and flowers available can really make a stunning outdoor space for you to enjoy. RL Services can take your lawn to the next level by creating the mood and feeling you want for your outdoor space.

Aside from the beautiful and picture-perfect lawns they can create for you, the best thing about RL Services is the service. The family running RL Services has a long tradition of runn

lawn maintenance services Stanwood WA

Lawn Maintenance Services

ing their own businesses, and they know how to do it right. They offer unparalleled professionalism. They deliver exactly what they say and then some. Having your lawn designed or simply maintained by RL Services is the best decision you can make for your home’s outdoor areas.

Stop only looking at your lawn and dreaming about what it might someday look like, Call the guys at RL Services and have them take your lawn to the next level. Having a functional, accessible and beautiful outdoor space can really make your house feel like a retreat, a place you can really enjoy fully. If your lawn isn’t properly maintained and designed you’re wasting all that precious living space outdoors. Start enjoying your entire residence with your family by contacting RL Services LLC and give your family a properly maintained lawn.

Call about our lawn maintenance agreements today! 425-387-7725

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Landscaping offers many benefits to homeowners in Stanwood WA

Most noticeably in Stanwood and Camano Island areas, professional landscaping and lawn care create curb appeal.  By leaving the creation and installation of landscaping articles to the professionals such as RL Services, LLC, a homeowner can rest assured that the work is done right and will last as for a very long time.  Landscaping can add beauty to any home, whether it be a simple garden or a more elaborate, flagstone or cobblestone patio and walkway to wind through a property.  Relying on an expert will also ensure the homeowner that they are selecting the right plants and vegetation for the area and place in the yard.  Climates change, and professional landscapers have their “green thumb” on the pulse of those changes.  They will find the right match that will grow well in the yard, and will also fit exactly the look for which the homeowner is looking.

Rather than spend weekends cleaning up the yard, many home owners choose to use a professional lawn care service such as RL Services, LLC.  It only makes sense.  Weekends are too short already.  Why not spend the weekends entertaining in a yard that has been professionally and immaculately maintained yard?  When using a professional lawn care service, the home owner’s weekends are free to entertain, enjoy family activities, or simply sit in peace and enjoy the beautiful yard.  A professional landscaping company can not only complete large yard projects in a minimal amount of time, but can provide smaller services as well.  Gutter cleaning, hedge trimming, leaf removal, brush cutting, and aeration are all services a home owner can choose from.  Roadside debris clean up and storm clean up can also be provided to ensure no mess is left behind and the home owner can get back to living life.

Professional landscaping and lawn care can definitely improve resale value of a home.  A service as simple as  pressure washing can give a property a much needed face lift and make everything look brighter and newer.  First impressions are very important in many areas of life, and selling a home is no different.  When a potential buyer first exits his or her car at a home, his or her first sight is the front yard and the area surrounding the house.  If the exterior is neatly trimmed and well-maintained, it gives a much better first impression.  When the views from the windows are serene and beautiful, a house feels more like a home, allowing the potential buyer to see himself and his family living there.

Professional opinions and great communication are another reason to use a contractor to complete landscaping and lawn care.  The landscaping company will ensure the homeowner is completely happy with the work.  By using a company such as RL Services, LLC, the home owner is provided with a comprehensive service agreement, too.  Customers know, before any work is even started, exactly what they will receive, and exactly what to expect.  This brings peace of mind that, as the work is going on, the finished product will be exactly what the home owner desires for their outdoor spaces.Landscapers and lawn care service Stanwood WA

Overall, the benefits of hiring a professional landscaping and lawn care company  in Stanwood WA are many.  Whether  a home owner is looking for a quiet space to enjoy the outdoors, is thinking about selling the home and would like it to command a higher price, or would just like to take back the weekends for entertaining and relaxing, a professional contractor will help make that happen.

For more individual help landscaping in Stanwood Washington visit or Call 425-387-7725 – RL Services, LLC

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Hot Trends in Landscaping!

Landscaping in Stanwood WA has hot and cold trends like any art form, and the newest and hottest inclinations in landscaping reflect increasing concern for the environment, cost-effectiveness, and the rapidly changing climate. Currently, landscapers emphasize sustainability, edible vegetation, practicality and functionality, versatile furniture, and efficiency in their designs and implementations.

In recent years, the climate has become much hotter and dryer in many parts of the world, which has put stress on traditional favorites and encouraged landscapers to choose different plants for their creations. Due to the climate, many landscapers have started to choose low-maintenance, drought-tolerant plants, such as cacti, Mediterranean shrubs and grasses, and more. With these types of plants, the landscaping will look fantastic through dry summers and wet winters. Plants that attract bees have become part of many landscape designs because bees pollinate flowers, fruits and vegetables, while some individuals add animals such as chickens as an important part of their landscape design because these animals help keep away pesky insects.

It has become quite apparent that seven billion human beings will soon exhaust many of their fundamental resources, which puts a significant emphasis on implementing edible vegetation in landscape designs. It costs too much money to ship food from one part of the country to another because it entails gasoline in automobiles to transport fruits and vegetables. Instead, the same produce can grow in the front or in the backyard. Lettuce, cabbage, strawberries, tomatoes, peppers, and more fruits and vegetables can provide a beautiful landscape and delicious, nutritious food while saving money on tasteless, store-bought produce.

            After the recession, homeowners have had to adapt their plans and desires for their landscaped spaces, which has required an emphasis on cost-friendly, practical pieces instead of showy, expensive materials and pieces. Water features, for example, make excellent elements in any landscape design. Rather than choosing a high-end water wall, however, more recently homeowners and landscapers have started to return to bird baths, portable fountains, and self-contained systems because they require less energy and use less water.

With the new emphasis on cost-effectiveness, most homeowners want to get the most bang for their buck with regard to the usage of space and furniture, so landscapers have developed designs and chosen pieces to appease these desires. By using new, fade-resistant, waterproof acrylic fibers, homeowners can furnish their outdoor spaces with furniture that make it usable all-year long. These pieces, furthermore, will not require seasonal replacements but instead will last for many years. Now, homeowners do not need to worry about the cost of that deck they might only use for a few months but can now relax and enjoy outdoor spaces all year for less money.rlslogo_2

Overall, many landscapers, especially landscapers in Stanwood WA,  have chosen to pursue environment-friendly designs for homeowners, which will help sustain the environment but also reduce costs on utilities and upkeep. To create the greenest possible designs, many landscapers try to use as much of the existing landscape as possible rather than regarding the backyard or building massive features. Instead, landscapers now challenge themselves to keep as much of the original land and material as possible.

  For more individual help landscaping in Stanwood Washington visit or Call 425-387-7725 – RL Services, LLC

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