RL Services, LLC is a team of expert Landscape Maintenance and Landscape Construction Professionals focused exclusively on Lawn Mowing, Pruning, Fertilizing, Irrigation,  Weed Control Management and creating beautiful landscape features.
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    Lawn Mowing - City Lot
    Mowing, Trimming, Blowing Prices Start At
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    Yard Clean Up
    Basic Yard Clean Ups Hedge/Shrub trimming Leaf Removal Weeding/Bed Redefining
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    Yard Waste Disposal
    Hauling Away Yard Waste Our maintenance trucks haul a maximum of 6 cubic yards of debris at a time. $55 for 1-2 cubic yards $85 for 3-6 cubic yards *This price is for the disposal of yard waste from Yard Clean Ups **A loading rate of $35/hour will be charged if we are ONLY hauling away yard waste
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    Lawn Mowing - Custom Lot
    Mowing, Trimming, Blowing Prices Start At
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    Overgrown Lawn Mowing
    Overgrown Lawn Mowing: Lawns which have more than 10 inches of growth which need to be brought back to a maintainable level. *Price is per hour We have invested in the BEST equipment to tackle overgrown lawns in the area and are able to offer the highest quality results.
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